When it arrives to frugal crafting, I like to repurpose standard family trash into new craft jobs. One of the merchandise I like to use are empty infant food items jars. These tiny jars can be repurposed into lots of distinct types of craft tasks.

You can paint them or depart them simple. 1 of my swift and uncomplicated means of decorating them is to just glue 1/4″ large ribbon close to the lids rim and then glue a powder puff or fabric pillow on major. You can accent your powder puff with a satin ribbon bow or depart it simple.

Right here are a handful of suggestions:

1. Bathtub Salt Containers (fill with your beloved homemade tub salts)

2. Bubble Tub and Bath Oils

3. Hold Desk Materials (staples, paper clips, rubber bands, pencil sales opportunities, and many others.)

4. Craft them into a pin cushion

5. Hold Sewing Materials (needles, bobbins, buttons, snaps, etcetera.)

6. Hold Craft Supplies (buttons, beads, brads, eyelets, and so forth.)

7. Keep Loose Tea and give it as a gift

8. Candle Holder (pour candle wax into them or just sit a tea light-weight candle inside of it)

9. Tooth Pick Holder

10. Party Favors (decorate them for social gathering favors and fill with candy)

11. Blowing Bubbles Remedy (make do-it-yourself bubble resolution for the youngsters)

12. Mini Candy Dish (fill with little candies like M&M’s, Jelly Beans or Tic Tacs)

13. Sand Art (buy coloured sand and let the young ones make sand art inside the jars)

14. Do-it-yourself Physique Butter Containers (fill with do-it-yourself overall body butter and system lotions

15. Lip Balm Tubes Organizer (You can in good shape 4-5 regular lip balm tubes within)

16. Present Jar Container (all sorts of jewelry will in good shape within for reward-giving)

Repurposing your empty and clear newborn meals jars into practical and fairly crafts is a wonderful way to save them from your local landfill. So, the following time you are acquiring prepared to trash an empty child food stuff jar, think of all of the crafty factors you can make with it.

Supply by Shelly Hill